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Apple of Discord

For the wedding of sea nymph, Thetis and mortal, Peleus, Zeus planned a festive celebration and invited all the gods and goddesses of Olympus---except for one---the goddess of discord and chaos herself, Eris, because---well she always brought discord and chaos.

But the resourceful and intelligent Eris learned of the feast, and did not take the snub lightly. Not only did she ignore the snub and crashed the event, but, for fun and revenge, she tossed a golden apple inscribed “for the fairest” into the crowd.

The apple was immediately claimed by three goddesses: Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty; Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war; and Hera, Zeus' wife, Queen of the gods. After a bit of tug of war, the three turned to Zeus to resolve the argument.

Zeus, being no fool, declined to answer and selected a shepherd in the city of Troy, named Paris, to do the task.

For this beauty pageant each goddess brought her A game and a bribe.

Hera offered him to make him king of Europe and Asia, making him one of the most powerful men on earth.

Athena promised him ultimate wisdom and the best warrior skills.

And last but not least, Aphrodite promised him the love and affection of Helen of Sparta, wife of King Menelaus, who was considered the most beautiful mortal woman in the world.

Paris, being a young man, chose Aphrodite’s gift and bestowed the apple and title to her.

Aphrodite then showed her appreciation by helping Paris raid the Spartan palace and taking Helen with him back to Troy.

The moment King Menelaus discovered his queen was gone, he called upon all her former suitors and fellow kings to attack Troy and bring Helen back to Troy. Thus the Trojan War began—all because of hurt feelings and a tantrum.

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