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Blessed Brigit's Day

Goddess Brigid of the Flame

we invoke your sacred name;

may the power of your sun

embrace us all as wholly one.

Goddess Brigid--veiled in white

in the month of waxing light;

we honor thee in aspect three

of metals, health and poetry.

Goddess Brigid--arrow bright

pierce our souls with clear insight.

Inspire us in dance and song

in love and joy we all belong.

Goddess Brigid--Smith of Gold

mold our minds from young to old;

melt away the dross and ire

in your cauldron's healing fire.

Goddess Brigid--the wheel turns

in our hearts your candle burns.

Let us look into your mirror

and see our self illumined clearer.

Goddess Brigid--days wax deep

to wake the buried seed from sleep

and so we too have yearned for light

to free our spirits from the night.

Goddess Brigid, Celtic Bride

revered across the countryside;

we now light your sacred flame

Blessed Be your holy name.

Inspired by Brigid

Words formed by Amy Peck 1998

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